Clud des Archives
Created by Patrick Jeudy;
Running time: 52 minutes, monthly airing


marlene archives


This program, which aired from January to May 2000, on Sundays at 4:15 p.m., was praised by viewers across the country.







Bandeau archives


Filmed archives are the new raw material for contemporary historical documentaries.

However, pictures lie! Throughout the years the original print of an archive, its history and place of origin are forgotten. Constant use of archives strip the images of their meaning.

The original archive must be used with care, not in the course of a haphazard edit, with bad music, and tendentious commentary.

The object of these programs (like the purpose of a club for wine enthusiasts, or a book club, or a gathering of politicos) is to share a passion, in this case, for archives.


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