Directed by Patrick Jeudy

History of Photography:
"The Reporters"
"Fashion and Portraits"
"Amateur photgraphy"




Rapho, the Story of a Family
featuring photographic archives from the Rapho Agency
written by Fr déric Mitterrand



Destins, Destinees (1987-1988-1989)
Written by Fr déric Mitterrand



Stories of Exodus

"May-June 1940 "




Stories of Indochina
" Dien Ben Phu "

Stories of Algeria
" 1961-1962 "

Stories of May 1968



The Eyes of Eva Braun
Written by G rard Miller




Ich liebe dich
Musical clips featuring







The Four French Lieutenants
Written by Patrick Jeudy and Louis Gardel



Un homme d'honneur
(ou "le deuxieme procès de Helie de St-Marc")




" Fabulous Archives of the French Army "
Written by Alain Decaux





For the Love of India
based on the novel by Catherine Clement



" Great Mistakes in History "
Munich 1938
Iran, Story of a Revolution 1978-1979
Cambodia 1973-1975



DeGaulle-Churchill, Memories of War ...




Exhibit: "The World's Most Beautiful Shots" Maison Europeenne de la Photographie.



Filmed sequences in L'homme qui a dit non, historical drama for the stage directed by Robert Hossein


Club des archives

monthly program on La Cinqui me writer-director: Patrick Jeudy



" Figures de Paix " concept for an exhibit at Avignon,

with photographs by Micheline Pelletier, Nobel Prize winner





Robert Doisneau, tout simplement
67 minutes documentary
Editions Montparnasse, available in VHS and DVD .


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